amiranna (amir_ana) wrote,

Internet challenges: Foul Language

 Internet communication never stops to wonder me. The use of the foul language is something that can be expected. But related problems are tremendous. One of them is in the answer to the question: "If you read blogs abundant  in dirty words or even befriend their authors do you start to support or share this form of communication?". The second: "Can it tell negatively on your mentality? (Theoretically it can)." The next: "Should you stop reading them though you are interested in the content? Would it be a loss?" And the last, a cry of the soul:"People, why should you? Isn't the form of the language, mostly used by the forebears sufficient or emotional enough?" One more observation - the users of the foul language stick together (Birds of a feather stick together).

  • Сентябрь. Рябина

    Оказалось, что у нас растут несколько сортов рябины. Google на запрос выдал несколько десятков фото и описаний. Даже удивительно, что сортов так…

  • Сентябрь 2021

    Календула. Любимый цветок сентября, когда всё уже отцветает.

  • Август 2021

    Гортензия. 2. Тоже гортензия. 3. Вереск. 4. Настурция. 5. Просто цветочки. 6.

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