amiranna (amir_ana) wrote,

LJ - an image-making instrument

It seems Internet communication, namely LJ, has a wide potential (which I underestimated) - it's an efficient instrument of image-making. One of the senior EP-party members claims that through LJ a politician can ruin the three main components of power: "miracle", "mystery" and "authority". And for this reason politicians should close down their LJs. What a silly idea! Isn't it more reasonable to use it wisely and successfully for the image-making purpose? 

  • 1 апреля 2021

    Солнце посылает свой последний взгляд. ... Тайно стынут волны меркнущих морей. -Уходя от ночи, уходи скорей. Где ж твой тихий угол? Нет его…

  • 21 марта 2021

    Это в городе тепло и сыро, а за городом зима, зима, зима.

  • Мартовский снегопад - 2021

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