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  Words and phrases in the Internet Communication come from nowhere and almost anonymously. Just like a sun ray or a gust of wind that come unexpectedly and caress your face for a while. They don't belong but at a definite moment you make use of them as if they belong to you. Or a butterfly that came to your garden or your balcony. You might think it yours but it is nobody's.  Or  a charming chain of words that came to me through the monitor: "THERE'S  SO MUCH SPRING AHEAD BUT OF THE FEBRUARY IS STILL LEFT ENOUGH".  The  phrase was in Russian. I translated it and decided to think it my own . Just like a butterfly that came to my balcony by chance.

  • Март 2021. Оттепель.

    2. 3 4 Сдаётся сырым ветрам февраль, И потемнел в лощине снег несносный... Жду, как в тюрьме, давно желанной воли, Туманов мартовских,…

  • ФЕВРАЛЬ 2021

    2 Побережье Финского залива. Васильевский остров , Санкт-Петербург. Холодно (-25)..

  • ФЕВРАЛЬ 2021

    Зима в Санкт-Петербург всё-таки пришла. И очень красивая. 2. 3. 4 5. 6. 7. .

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