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 It  seems that relationships are pondered over in the same kind of ideas whoever you are and wherever you are. What are they for. To fit some societal norm so that "your face wouldn't be rubbed  in singularity". Possibly. To validate your worth. Rather. To be emotionally secure. It's about me. Though I consider myself self-sufficient. But still.  To be loved is great for the self-esteem.  If you consider a successful relationship it's no doubt reciprocal.  The relationship out of obligation or charity  - no, certainly not. I know all this. It seems my relationships answer all the requirements. But why do I envy people who can be happy by themselves?

  • Сентябрь. Рябина

    Оказалось, что у нас растут несколько сортов рябины. Google на запрос выдал несколько десятков фото и описаний. Даже удивительно, что сортов так…

  • Сентябрь 2021

    Календула. Любимый цветок сентября, когда всё уже отцветает.

  • Август 2021

    Гортензия. 2. Тоже гортензия. 3. Вереск. 4. Настурция. 5. Просто цветочки. 6.

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