amiranna (amir_ana) wrote,

More About The Internet Communication

   If you think the Internet is only for sharing and  informing then you are deeply mistaken. It's a world of wonders. One day you come across somebody who chooses Tschikovsky... as a romantic partner. And all of a sudden you recollect the days when you chose your romantic partners among those who were either dead or absolutely out of reach or even illusionary.  It can't but make you interested. Then you come to know that there's more difference than similarity. You would have never expected somebody living so far away, belonging to a different world share something you have always thought to be your deeply hidden otherness. Which you, as it turned out, have almost lost. Now you enjoy finding it in a  very young person. It's a great luck you can realize it through the wonderful texts, the "evocative" language.  It allows you to penetrate into the inner world of a very special individuality. And you  only wish that those who are closer can also understand and appreciate it.

  • Сентябрь. Рябина

    Оказалось, что у нас растут несколько сортов рябины. Google на запрос выдал несколько десятков фото и описаний. Даже удивительно, что сортов так…

  • Сентябрь 2021

    Календула. Любимый цветок сентября, когда всё уже отцветает.

  • Август 2021

    Гортензия. 2. Тоже гортензия. 3. Вереск. 4. Настурция. 5. Просто цветочки. 6.

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