amiranna (amir_ana) wrote,

An Internet Fairy Tale. At the End Of the Winter.

      There was a girl, dreamy and tender. Just the type who is not in good keeping with the Real World. In her teens all of a sudden she started to feel an enormous stream of loving energy from a total strange. Tall, handsome, romantic-looking.  He never approached her because of the social gap and her ambitions which he couldn't correspond to. But his mute invisible loving presence was something that helped her a lot.  

      Much water has flown under the bridges. Too much to remember him. But once he came back to her memory, then to her night dreams. It was the time when she started to ask herself questions. The time when she needed more self-assurance. Then she saw him on her computer monitor, in a beautiful clip, singing a song. IT WAS HIM. Nothing has changed: tall, handsome. The  same face, hair, gate, smile. gestures. And not a day older. He was singing for her. He told her that she was still the best, the most charming, the most desireable. That he loved her dearly despite her sins and imperfections. The angel,  he chose the right moment for it. Miracles do happan. 

  • 1 апреля 2021

    Солнце посылает свой последний взгляд. ... Тайно стынут волны меркнущих морей. -Уходя от ночи, уходи скорей. Где ж твой тихий угол? Нет его…

  • 21 марта 2021

    Это в городе тепло и сыро, а за городом зима, зима, зима.

  • Мартовский снегопад - 2021

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