amiranna (amir_ana) wrote,

Flame Wars and the Internet

The Daily Telegraph (GB) published a list of 50 items lost through the Internet. And as the first victim comes a polite debating. Being anonymous they say allows any kind of aggressiveness to an interlocutor unthought of in real communication(up to wishing him/her dead). But at the same time the problem "when was the last time you had a serious conflict with someone in LJ" discussed in the Writers' Block shows that the things are not as bad as that. Lots of respondents claimed "No Warfare" policy and say that they avoid "having clashes", "flame wars" , "to flame somebody on the posts", "having serious conflicts". One of the observations is that "internet conflicts are short-lived". My favourites are the answers about "HAVING A LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP" and an almost philosophical conclusion that "THE VIRTUAL SINCERITY IS IN BEAUTIFUL CONFLICT WITH THE LIE-RIDDEN REAL WORLD" (my translation from Russian). There seems much more to observe and analyze along these lines.

  • 1 апреля 2021

    Солнце посылает свой последний взгляд. ... Тайно стынут волны меркнущих морей. -Уходя от ночи, уходи скорей. Где ж твой тихий угол? Нет его…

  • 21 марта 2021

    Это в городе тепло и сыро, а за городом зима, зима, зима.

  • Мартовский снегопад - 2021

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