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It's become a habit (a pleasure) of mine to compare my own conseption of a blogger with his own idea about himself as presented in the nick, avatar and the blog contents. The observations are more than interesting. "An individualist" who claims that he "never criticizes" turns out to be an eternally displeased with everything egoist. Somebody who identified himself as a "friendlystranger" is capable of the most spiteful comments and of nothing else. Friendliness is the feature you would never associate with him. I'm sure more examples of this kind of disparity are to come.

  • 1 апреля 2021

    Солнце посылает свой последний взгляд. ... Тайно стынут волны меркнущих морей. -Уходя от ночи, уходи скорей. Где ж твой тихий угол? Нет его…

  • 21 марта 2021

    Это в городе тепло и сыро, а за городом зима, зима, зима.

  • Мартовский снегопад - 2021

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